Reflecting on the Role of the Head Coach

Part I: Developing a Good Coaching Staff

Jim Purtill

Head Coach, St. Norbert College
SNC Team Clinic



Without a doubt, the head coach is the most influential person on the coaching staff.

Similar to the corporate CEO, the head coach's leadership, beliefs, values and work ethics are instrumental in the ultimate success of the program. He is a role-model who is "on duty" at all times.

His influence has a strong impact on the members of the program, as well as campus personnel, community members and alumni.


In the strongest sense of the word, the head coach is a teacher. His main goal is to organize, educate and introduce his staff and team to the values and lessons necessary for success.

He must first "coach the coaches". A cohesive, organized and knowledgeable coaching staff is necessary for effective teaching to occur.

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