Using the Element of Disguise in the 3-5 Defense
David Prince
Defensive Coordinator, Lake City (S.C.) H.S.

Today’s offenses are becoming more sophisticated with every passing year. The old cliché of three yards and a cloud of dust is almost becoming non-existent.

Many of the advanced offenses today are reading defenses prior to the snap and calling or checking the play at the line of scrimmage.

At Lake City High School, we have adopted the philosophy over the past two years that we are going to move and disguise the fronts, blitzes, and coverages as much as possible. We call this “prowling”.

Lake City H.S. Video

Disguise in the 3-5 Defense

Advantages of disguising are numerous, but the main advantage we are looking for is to remove a little of the offense’s aggressiveness in the pre-snap phase. ... To read this article, and for full access to all CLN resources, get your MEMBERSHIP NOW.