Team Defense

Jim Driscoll

Coaches Learning Network Defensive Consultant



Every defensive coach has a philosophy and list of goals regarding team defense. They want to stop the run, they want to keep third down conversions to under a certain percent, they want to have an interception every so many passes, etc.

However, something that I have learning in over 30 years of coaching is that there is one basic objective that all defenses must accomplish in order to win: GET POSSESSION OF THE FOOTBALL.


When that goal is accomplished, whether through a turnover, a stop on downs, or a punt, the result is that your opponent's scoring opportunities are kept to a minimum, and often eliminated.

In turn, field position is usually more advantageous and the offense will have more opportunities to score. It seems that no single indicator is more tied to winning than the objective of GETTING THE BALL BACK! ... To read this article, and for full access to all CLN resources, get your MEMBERSHIP NOW.