High School Practice Philosophy and Organization:

Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan

Dick Koski, Negaunee (Mich.) H.S.

Retired with 211 wins


I believe programs that are consistently successful are that way because they are highly organized.

They have a plan for everything and leave little to chance.

Here is an overview of our practice philosophy and organization.

Whether you two platoon your players or not, and whether you have two or more weeks of pre-season, each practice has to be well thought out in advance.

You are trying to accomplish a lot in a short period of time so every minute of practice is important.

For example, consider how much time you will spend on these aspects of practice daily or weekly:


1. Pre-practice (meeting, film)

2. Flex period

3. Specialties

4. Team play

5. Individual

6. Kick game

7. Special situations

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