Out of Bounds:
Strength and Conditioning

Out of Bounds features internet resources "outside" of the Coaches Learning Network
that may be helpful and/or insightful for football coaches. Out of Bounds Strength
and Conditioning
 links feature videos, training manuals, and workout routines
by several outstanding strength and conditioning coaches.

Exercise Training Videos, Wesleyan University
Strength coach Drew Black has created an outstanding resource for coaches and athletes. It features over 100 videos with audio descriptions regarding barbells, dumbbells, cable and body weight exercises, stability and medicine ball training, conditioning, speed and agility, flexibility, form running, plyometrics, etc. This site also includes several nutritional information and training plans.

Strength Training Videos, Central College (Iowa) Strength and Conditioning
This resource features over 40 videos covering warm up, Olympic lifts, lower body work, upper body work, speed training, and lateral/change of direction drills. In addition to being an excellent video library, each video includes  written descriptions and key points.
- Quick Link: Central College Speed Training Videos
- Quick Link: Central College Strength Training Videos
- Quick Link: Central College NSCA Training Videos

Husker Power Performance Principles, www.huskerpower.com
This is a classic reference piece that has been one of our favorites for years. While many coaches are familiar with these principles, they are still worth reviewing. Regardless of your philosophy of how to coordinator a weight program, these 10 principles will make your athletes stronger.

Houston Texans Strength and Conditioning Program Players Manual, Dan Riley, Texans Strength and Conditioning Coach
One of two outstanding resources provided by coach Riley. This 68-page resource covers what Coach Riley calls the Fitness Profile for his players, which includes nutrition, conditioning, speed and quickness, skill development, flexibility, muscular fitness and rest.

UC Football Training Manual, University of Cincinnati Strength and Conditioning
An outstanding resource provided by the UC strength and conditioning staff. The football training manual has over 100 pages, dozens of photos, and covers topics such as Skill Development, Speed Development and Strength Power. It also includes workout cards and percentage charts.

12 Steps to the Perfect Clean (PDF) Allen Hedrick, M.A., C.S.C.S.*D, U.S. Air Force Academy
This in-depth overview of the clean includes correct foot position, hand position, grip, starting position, and each step of the lift. The article states that “selecting exercises based on training appropriate movement patterns rather than just muscle recruitment is critical when training to improve athletic performance.”

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