The NMU Outside Linebacker
Matt Bush
Outside Linebackers Coach, Northern Michigan University
NMU Team Clinic

We ask a lot of outside linebackers in our 40 front. They have to be able to play the run from the edge, be effective blitzers, and play in both zone and man coverage.

The following is an overview of what an outside linebacker has to do to be successful in our defense, including how to play off blocks, tackle and rushing the passer.

I. An Overview of Playing Outside Linebacker
There are several things that our athletes must have before they can play the outside linebacker position at Northern Michigan including awareness before the snap, a good stance and start, and understanding individual alignment and assignment.

1. Keys To Being A Great Outside Linebacker
We have had success with all types of athletes at the outside position. We’ve played smaller, quicker athletes, larger more physical athletes, and the very gifted fast athlete.

Since so many different athletic types have been successful in our scheme, we decided to determine the common traits of the top outside linebackers we have had. ... To read this article, and for full access to all CLN resources, get your MEMBERSHIP NOW.