NMU Defensive Line Play:
A 5-Point Progression

Ethan Jeros
Defensive Line Coach, Northern Michigan University
NMU Team Clinic

At Northern Michigan University, we build a foundation of defensive line play through a five-point progression that gives us the ability to both stop the run and rush the passer in a dominant manner.

Our goal through this foundation, is to create a DYNAMIC  front four which possess the skills to attack the edges of offensive linemen (not headup) and control the line of scrimmage.

As DYNAMIC (mean, aggressive, over-sized) players, defensive linemen must dominate the line of scrimmage by creating a new one, and by creating a “train wreck” when attacking the offensive line.

NMU Forms

Offensive Line Evaluation Chart
Defensive Line Big Play Chart

We have all heard the saying, ”Great defenses start with the front four.” 

For any defense to be successful, the defensive line must be successful.

Defensive linemen must have that mentality and the confidence in themselves in each and every play.

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