Out of Bounds:
Parents and Players

Out of Bounds
features internet resources "outside" of the Coaches Learning Network
that may be helpful and/or insightful for football coaches. Out of Bounds Parents
and Players
links include topics on the importance of athletics, being a
winning parent, parent and player manuals, and recruiting.

Seventeen Reasons Why Football Is Better Than High School Herb Childress
A classic that many coaches may have already read, but still a fascinating view on why extra-curricular activities are more important than ever before. Written by a self-proclaimed hater of football, the author states: “We need a varsity education.”

Making the Best Out of Youth Sports: 13 Steps to Being a Winning Parent CompetitiveEdge.com
Provides important information for parents of athletes competing at any level of their sport. I like the perspective this article takes. It describes the role of the parent as it relates to their child - not as it relates to their child’s coaches.

High School Players and Parents Manual (PDF) Cantwell Sacred Heart of Mary High School
An outstanding high school players and parents manual. Topics covered include Vision, Mission, and Core Values, What a Commitment Means, Definition of Class, Teamwork, Player Regulations and Expectations, On and Off On the Field Guidelines, Team Rules, What You Can Expect From Your Coaches, Parents Expectations, Rules of the Academic Game, and a Contract.

The Case for High School Activities... National Federation of State High School Associations
This is a great overview on the importance of activities in our schools. It features the results of multiple studies that demonstrate how sports and fine arts activities lead to better grades, attendance, citizenship, and engagement in school.

NCAA Recruiting Eligibility and Calendars National Collegiate Athletic Association
Here is the NCAA page on recruiting eligibility and important dates regarding NCAA Division I and Division II recruiting of high school football players. This is a helpful resource for a good introduction of how recruiting works over a course of a year.

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