Philosophy and Mechanics of Grizzly

Bump and Run Coverage, Part I

Tim Schaffner

Defensive Coordinator, Butler Community College



Why do we believe in and use bump and run man coverage? Because anyone can release against air!

By its very nature, bump and run coverage exudes the confident and aggressive mindset we want in all our defensive players, especially our defensive backs.

Our ability to play man coverage on the edge enables the other defenders to attack the football.

Here are additional reasons why we use the bump and run coverage:


1. The game is about speed. The game on the edge is about speed. The best way to neutralize a wide receiverís speed is to get in his face and physically challenge him play after play, all game long.

The speed of the game is relative to where you are. You can't make comparisons across levels. I have heard coaches say, "We can't play bump because our cornerbacks don't run 4.3/40's", but most of the receivers their players cover canít either.

As long as your players are not physically overmatched, they can be taught the skills and techniques necessary to capitalize on their own strengths, enabling them to negate the physical strength and skills of the wide receiver. If your athletes are overmatched, it will be a tough game regardless of what type of defense or coverage you use. ... To read this article, and for full access to all CLN resources, get your MEMBERSHIP NOW.