The Butler 3-5 Dog Defense

Part I: Formations and Linebacker Blitzes
Tim Schaffner

Defensive Coordinator, Butler Community College

The 3-5 defense has certainly taken the college and high school worlds by storm.

It was not too long ago that this package was regarded as a "gimmick" defense or a fad.

Today the 3-5 is being used effectively at every level, from junior high to BCS conferences.


Aside from the multiplicity and strategical advantages of the 3-5, one of the main reasons that we added this package to our defensive playbook is that we're finding it more and more difficult to locate and recruit big defensive linemen who can run.

With that said, creating quality depth on the defensive line is also a problem for almost everyone, regardless of the age group, or level they coach.

The 3-5 allows us to take one of those big bodies out of the equation and replace him with a linebacker/safety type athlete that seem to be plentiful no matter what part of the country you call home. ... To read this article, and for full access to all CLN resources, get your MEMBERSHIP NOW.